Hey! how u been doing guys? sorry I'm late to post. since the holiday, I had so many many things to do :| kinda busy eh? hahah lol. Actually I'm not that busy but, let me tell ya, In Friday 25th December my brother and I went to Denpasar, Bali (psst this is my first time, so lame eh?) and yap, I had so much fun there, though the weather was so HOT and there were many people there, I mean so crowded. The best beach I like is Dreamland, the wave the sands were so great! and in Dreamland, the people is just a few, it isn't like Kuta Beach or Sanur or Nusa Dua. I wish I could go to Bali again hehe. So tell me how's your holiday? Is that good? great? or boring? hehe.

*now my mom is sick, she was too tired. get well soon mom :)*

Happy Anniversary to Us!

"Happy Anniversary"
May every hour of every day be blessed with a shinning gift of joy, A dream to share together, A memory that's forever, and A promise that the best is yet to come

Happy Anniversary 2years to us! Wish that we could together forever, thanks for everything you gave to me, whether it's a thing or kind of love :)

p.s: I got something to show ya, I ordered something that made from clay(tanah liat/lilin) it was the gift for our anniversary. But I forgot to take a picture of it, maybe next time :)



thank you <3