Happy New Year!!!

Hey bloggers! Happy New Year to all of you :D tell me how was your night? Good? If so, congratulations! Well actually I didn't really excited about the new year's eve. Why? Oh come on guys! It just a night turn of the year. What's special about that? The fireworks? The trumpets? Hell yeah, last night was the worst New Year ever! He (red:my BF) was really sucks! His big ego would never gone, yeah.

Ok but, I've made some resolutions for this year. May Allah SWT bless me.... ;
  1. Be more mature and more wise :)
  2. New year means new attitude, new progress, new life (I hope so...)
  3. Get scholarships
  4. Go to Paris (hope my daddy let me go with mme Eha)
  5. Become taller :D
  6. Be more diligent, and more religious.
  7. In 2010 smarter than in 2009 hahahah lol
  8. Improve my ranking at class
Ya, much for it. If I had another resolutions, I will edit this post hehehe. Me asking you; "What is your resolutions? Tell me! hehehe"