The Third Anniversary

Good evening everybody....Recent mood: Happy, excited, amazed, loving and blablabla

okay so, here's the thing.... today is our Third Anniversary!!! yeayyyy I didn't think that our relationship would stay strong until today, right noww..... let's say:

"Happy Third Anniversary my Dear...."
"We have been together for 3 years" :)

I just don't know what to say anymoreee, I just love him more and more as the day goes by. I'd never thought that I'd separated far away from him hahaha ^^v he's the best of the best. He's the one and only man that understands me, knows me, loves me, more than anyone could (except my family :)) and yup, actually there's nothing so special today. We just had a short time at Cilandak Town Square (actually it was my request to him 'coz I had something to take. which was my cute cupcakes for our anniversary) and then having lunch at Bebek Goreng H.Slamet ( which is the best bebek goreng I've ever try in the entire w then we went back home. He got a terrible flu at that time, and I asked him to stay longer to take a short nap that might be better for him rat
her than driving back to his home with that kind of condition. Then after 2 hours approximate
ly, I wake him up because the day is getting lat
e andd yup that's all about today haha... got some photos here...... :

his anniversary greetings sent by sms

cupcakes I ordered :)

anniversary card I made for him and got some help from @dyaminda :)

his first try ;) <3

and, tadaaa! his very first cute face :p
p.s: how can I NOT LOVE him?

Really, I am back

It's been so long..long..long...

well um, sorry I almost never post anything in this blog anymore since the last time I checked this blog. I don't really think that I will be posting every week in a month or every day in a week, 'coz you know that I already in the 3rd grade soooo I'll be busy with those exam stuffs. I haven't got any 80 score for maths and science. I really am studying hard to get a better score, but it didn't work :( I don't know what happened to me, but till this far I'm keep studying to get a better score. I won't make my teachers feel bad, I want to make them proud, so does my parents. I've been told many times to study harder, I've tried but I haven't got the optimal one. But I'm sure, someday I will :)

last week, I went to Belitung with my lovely class Incation. And with the teachers too, we did some research about "batuan granit, danau kaolin, perkebunan kelapa sawit, penambangan timah, vegetasi pantai, jenis pasir belitung" we did so much fun there, we went to the beach and to another 4 islands near belitung. we did snorkeling too. I love the scent of beach, the environment, the air, the atmosphere there. Belitung is such a quiet city, with a beautiful beach. The white sand is really shinning and amazingly great! but I think, we need more days to be there. whether to have fun or do research... you guys should visit Belitung directly! :)

I think I have to go. off to bed. I can't wait for the next anniversary! We've been together for 3 years on Saturday...wish the day will be great for us. catch ya later! wish you have a great dream tonight :)