A Comeback

Heyyy bloggers! How you been doing? Hope you do well guys :)

Well, first, I want to say sorry to this blog because I didn't keep my promise to take a good care to this blog.

And, second I just want to share to you all about what I've been doing these days. I just had a forth try-out for the National Exam which will be held on 18th April until 21st April 2011. Pressures? Yes, a lot. I'm not good at counting like maths and physics. And I usually got bored often when I try to study those subjects. At the third try-out, I got 4,3 for maths and 3,3 for physics which is very very very baadd. I just need a little more often exercise to make it better. And yap, for the fourth try-out, I got 6 and blablabla for maths.

Third, I want you all to know that I'm going to take a fashion designer as my choice to continue my study. I'm hoping for getting in to ESMOD, Jakarta. I heard that they are best in fashion designing.

Just that, I just don't know what to say more. Hope you do well :)