Days in Belitung

Yo guys, since the exams are over, there's nothing I can do but sitting in front of my laptop and doing nothing else unless there's someone out there ask me to go out hehe.. I have planning for taking a course actually. But I didn't get to manage when, where, and which course I wanted.
Now, just take a look at the pictures below. These are from the last study research on December 10' :

Day 1

@Sukarno-Hatta's Airport, before take-off

Right after we landed, @HAS Hanandjoeddin's Airport

Had lunch at.....(okay, I forgot the place)

we were eating mie bangka (bangka noodles),

I'll continue later ;)

Deleted Posts

I just deleted some of my old post. Why? It's a bit cheesy and so immature I think hahaha. Well then, just keep reading to my blog, with a new me :]

Free Like a Bird

Long time no see you, and I come back with many things I wanted to share to you :)

I'm DONE with the national exams, will no longer attends school and doing those high-school stuffs thingy. I'm sooo happy yet I'm feeling sad. I'm not gonna meet my classmates for a long period, we all have our own plans to do in the future. Even if we just finished all the exams, not so sure about the result yet, but I believe that we all did our best. I'm sure that all of us will be graduated together. No one will be left.

I am relieved now, that at least I've handed one uhm what is it called? I got accepted to ESMOD (l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode) it's a fashion school. Fashion? yes, I really wanted to be a fashion-designer. Even if I'm not doing well on drawing or something, but I believe that, when I really wanted something, and puts effort and hard work to it, I'm sure I will be doing well. Soon, I'm gonna be a top designer.

I'm in a long long long holiday from today, until the graduation day and the day that I have to enter ESMOD. It's on September, so it'll be a long long time for me.
Now, I just can pray, pray, and pray, for the best results. Y'all should have pray for me too :] hehe

I'm done here, bye. See ya :]