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Graduation Day

I've been thinking what to post, what do I have to tell y'all, and the first thing that came out from my mind was the "Graduation" day.... I just want to share some photos from my graduation day, I wore kebaya at that day hehe. Here they are...

What do you think? hehehe...

Graduated, Alhamdulillah :)

EVERYONEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE FINALLY GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! YAAYYY :):) I'm soo happy even words can't describe :D soo, from now on, I'm no longer as a high school student, yay!! I'm gonna miss every moment I spent with at high school. Every-one and every-thing will be precious to me, and I will never forget it :)

I feel grateful for everything that God has given to me :). Although the score isn't very good, but it's quite satisfactory he he he... I have nothing to say anymore, just wanna let you guys know about this, thanks for reading!