Welcome to College Life

Annyeonghaseyo :)

So, how are you everybody? How's your life? Your college?

Well, I never thought that I would miss blogging, till I re-read my blog and it's been 2months since the last post.

I've been busy these days, doing this and that, redo this and that, keep working until I get a good one. I never thought that this college life would be so suffering, terrifying and stressful. At first, I enjoyed it so much. I almost never listen to what the teacher says, I mean, the way you work the way you study at class is absolutely different from high school. Day by day, assignments keep coming, never stop, and I feel like being chased with that. I lost 2kilos of my weight, overwork makes you lose your weight. To be honest, I really really really love my major so much. Love everything I did, everything I'm gonna do, and everything I have done. But, you know when the deadline is waiting for you but you think you don't have much time to finish it. Again, I have to stay up late or wake up at the middle of the night to finish my work, my assignments. One say, you have to finish what you started. So, here I am, keep doing the good work, keep waiting for the next assignments, and all I have to do is enjoy and love everything that I do.

Keep up the good work, Talitha!
See you on the next post. Ciao! :")