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By My Side - Cover

I once dreamed to be a singer. Yea, I love to sing a song. My voice isn't good though, but I just did a cover of David Choi's song, titled By My Side. I love this song, so, would you like to hear?? :D just stop whenever your ears hurt hahaha. 


Put Your Hands Up !

Last night, I went to 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Concert at JITEC Mangga Dua Square, Kemayoran. You guys know 2PM right? They are one of a K-Pop boyband. The concert was amazingly great! They were so kind, and humble during the concert. They went around the whole stage to get to see their fans. My happiness can't be expressed by words, when I got to see my favorite member Lee Junho appeared in front of me. I really can't describe by words how happy I was. And I realized that, another member named Ok Taecyeon is just more than handsome! Really I can't describe how happy I was last night. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I have many videos of them, but I will only just show you some. Here they are,

I'll upload the videos later, idk why the uploading take a longer time than usual. So, bye!
Have a nice weekend :)

The Edge of Bohemian

Hello! Back again with me :)
2 weeks ago, I had a photoshoot with my bestfriend at Pondok Indah. The photo taken by his boyfriend and she was my model for the photoshoot. I asked help from her because she's sooo pretty and it would fits the shoot well. The photoshoot was actually for my assignment for fashion design class. So, check these out;

Sooo, what do you think? hehe. The headband was made by myself. Because all the outfits should be match, and it was hard to find headband like that and I decided to make it. Give me comments?
Thanks :)

Taken by: Bram Dirgantara
Model: Siti Afiva Rosiana
Location: Pondok Indah


Everybodys changing
Just like the season of my heart that keeps changing
It has nothing to do with you
I am still adapting here,

I've met a lot of people in my life
Many different kind of people came up to my life
And I already knew, who's the best among all
Who's the angel, and who's the evil

One thing I know that,
The best one would never leave you
No matter who you are, where you from
They will keep supporting you to be a better one

And I, I might not be the best for you
But I'll keep trying to do something for you

Make a change, technically is good
But you have to see, what kind of change you make
To be better? or worst?

I don't want to get any business with liars
And it's especially you
You might be kind to me, and I appreciate that
But lying to me? Not a good idea.

It's not that I let you to lie
To me, or to anyone else
What's so good blabbering about your life that doesn't even true or exist?
One small lie could be a big lie

And I am still don't know what I have been talking about....

Yearbook Photoshoot

Guys, I forgot to share some photos from my yearbook photoshoot last February. Just wanna let you know hehe, the overall theme is about Summer, but mine was more look like vintage looks ^^ here they are...


Hello hello back again on the same day! I'll show you some of the works I have done. Here they are...

Self Portrait

2nd Project - Color Universe

Mood Page



Handmade t-shirt


I'm still learning sooo, give me comments or advice please? thankyou :)