Since today is the very last day of the year, which means tonight we're going to have New Year's Eve and tomorrow is the first day in 2012, so I'm gonna post about what happened in this year.

As you guys have already knew, there are so many things happened in this year. From the hard time I had when I was struggling with those try-outs and exams in high school, and the joy when I graduated, happiness when I got accepted in ESMOD Jakarta, and back to the hard time as I'm studying there.

Just like other people, I've made some resolutions. But, I'm not gonna tell you here 'cause it's sort of secret and I'll tell ya later when I have achieved some of those resolutions, well you just have to make sure of me trying to achieve that :p

Many things will happen in 2012, and hopefully, the good thing will happen more than the bad thing. I actually wishing for going to France, especially Paris. But I wouldn't expect much, since the last time I failed to go there 'cause of the visa thingy which I just knew it one day before the departure. Pathetic isn't it?

So, what are you guys doing for tonight? And what is your resolutions for the new year? Well, to you guys Happy New Year! Welcome to the new year, new day with a lot of productivity, just don't waste your time for something bad and not useful for your health, mind, and future. Hope you guys have wonderful year ahead.



I'm still counting today as our anniversary. So, happy anniversary to us

Valentine by Kina Grannis (cover)


I miss you, yeah you.

Reckless Girl

Me. I am being like that for over than 18 years. And now, for every trust I gave to you seems like it all have been vanished by your wrong-doing. Yes, I'm such a selfish, and immature girl. But I'm not gonna get fooled by your lies anymore. For the past 4 years I have spent with you, and now I happen "know" something that I shouldn't have but actually I should. Like people say "The Truth Hurts" and yes it actually is. I can't say anything more for the thing you've done behind my back. I just can't take it anymore and whatever the reason is, I can't take it. We'll see whats happen next. I'm not gonna tell everything here though, but I hope that you, someone over there, would read this.

The Sweetest Friend of Mine

Been busy this month, there are lots of work need to be done. While the deadline is getting closer, I still have a time to post on my blog. 

I have a friend. Been friend for more than 6 years. Not only an ordinary friend. She's being extraordinary everytime I share something to her. Everytime I have a "deep conversation" with her. She can be my friend, my bestfriend, even a sister to me. 

Here I present, my beautiful friend "Mirza Ayu Anindita" just call her Icha for short. Same age as mine. She wears hijab too. (Sorry for taking your picture without your permission. You're gonna give me permission though :p)

Ada sesuatu yang beda, ketika Aku bercerita tentang suatu hal kepadanya. Dia bisa menenangkanku dan menyejukkan hatiku dengan kata-katanya. Memang tidak banyak berbicara, tetapi apa yang dia ungkapkan sudah lebih dari cukup untuk membuatku tenang. 

Thanks for being here, stand by my side for more than 6 years. I owe you a lot. You taught me something I didn't know before. You ask me to wudhu whenever I get angry, and pray whenever I haven't pray. You cool me down by telling me to read ayat-ayat from Al-Qur'an. You comfort me with your sweet words.

You are more than amazing. I hope that I could do something like that to you someday.

Sincerely , your friend 

Talitha  :)