New Project

I recently working on this project. Just made a mood page. This project is about to make a dress. And the mood page represents my inspirations for the dress.

Sooo, what do u think guys? :)

Eco Project

Since one of my friends asked me to update my blog, so I decided to update about my college life.

I don't really have something to tell you, the reason why I haven't been here for months is because I got lots of thing to do, and the deadline is like catching me up so I have no choice but to diligently finish that.

I'm just gonna post some photos from last week project, the eco bio project. There was a presentation from Christian Tournafol from ESMOD Paris about the eco bio project. How to dye natural fabrics (non POLYESTER) from natural materials such as woods, flowers, leaves, etc.

Here's some photos,

the color made from turmeric's powder

the color made from indigo

I actually have lots of photos. But I have something to work on so, I'll promise you guys to update more often. See you :)