Bow ring

hello! back again.

I just wanna share about bow ring. I actually want it soooo baaadd. I just love collecting rings and bow is the only thing (for now) that came right on my mind. I don't know but imo, bow is really pretty, and I just love it. I'm seeking for a bow ring which is actually it's pretty easy to be found on online shop but I haven't found one that caught my eyes soo if you guys know where to buy some cute bow rings please tell me, or maybe you want to give me as my birthday present?? :p

I want it to be that simple, or

something like that can be good too

I don't want it to be so expensive to be honest, so if any of you know where to buy that kind of bow ring please let me know ^^

For SALE! Polaroid 790

It's midnight right now, and my eyes are still wide open. Straight to the point, I want to sell my polaroid camera, it's old already and the physical condition is about 80-85%. BUT, the battery runs out. I don't know how to fix it, and since I don't really have money to buy the films, I'll just sell it. This kind of polaroid is using 600 films type, which is now it's easier to be found. You can go buy the films here. You can buy the polaroids there too, which is all new.

I haven't decided the price, so, if there's one of you who wants to buy my polaroid, just let me know by giving a comment in this post. Here are some photos,


Hi everyone!

I've been busy with exam, the eco bio project's dress, it's the one that I told you in my old post and EJFF'12 (Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2012)

For the exam, the result isn't bad and good either. I got nothing to show you off about my result. And I'm pretty sad that I got one subject for remedial. Yea, there's remedial.

The eco bio project's dress is my 1st year last project. I had to do the oral presentation for that, and luckily, my dress got chosen. Mine isn't the best of all, but in my opinion, it's the best project of mine, so I'm pretty proud of that :) here's some photos of my dress 

 cr: Florencia Suteja's facebook

cr: Florencia Suteja's facebook

cr: Florencia Suteja's facebook

So, what do you think? The dress are made of 100%cotton and 100%linen (since I had to use natural fabrics) and I dyed the fabrics by myself with indigo. It's kind of pretty hard to get the exact color, I had to dyed it several times to get the color. I think I need to put the design, but since the design is nowhere to be found right now, I'll update later ;)