Just ordered a couple bracelet from Tavari Adornments and it's finally arrived! Soo excited :]
It's a custom design, requested by me.

Thank you so much Chydie!

Mixed Feeling

Nothing goes well as I planned. Well, if everything goes as planned, you might get a boring life isn't it?

I lost to "Goes to Paris Fashion Week" contest. It's okay, I mean, I believe that God has a better plan for me right?(kinda have that mixed feeling tbh) I did my best at least, umm well not that very best actually....hehe. And maybe the good thing is (?) I did some mixing to my everyday style(which I've never done and post that here before), not that stylish but it's very comfortable to wear for me.

Soo, what do u think guys? should I just continue post my everyday outfit here?? I'm not gonna post every thing here though, and I'm too lazy to do that so.. maybe once/month or twice/year will be enough? hehe.