Back again

July 28, 2013

Salaam! Hi people, I'm back again :)

Yep, here I am sitting in front of my laptop updating the abandoned blog :p

I never thought that the 2nd year of uni life would be this tiresome.. but, Alhamdulillah I have finally passed the 2nd year, yay! And now it's time for me to do the 6 weeks of internship as the last stage of the 2nd year, starting on Monday the 15th. Curious, much?

There're so many stories to tell actually, but I'm just gonna tell you the short details of the stories.

  • First one is, on the last February me and my friends had a project called "Casual Workshop Project" where we had to design the outfits to be sold in a famous event called Indonesia Fashion Week. We only had 2-3 months for the preparation like looking for the models to do the photoshoots, make the catalogues, and of course the sewing. We had to do in groups of 4 to 5 students and it was really exhausting yet exciting moments at that time, and yes, the project went successful enough considered that it was the first time for us to do that kind of project. 
  • Second is, for the last project of our 2nd year, we got to design about our personal universe but connected with a music video. You have to choose one of the three music videos that you have choose before, then you use that one video as your theme. You can choose between womenswear-kidswear or womenswear-menswear or womenswear-lingerie. You have to design 15 total looks for each, so all the total look will be 30. The total look of course should be connected to the music video you've choose, and then the teachers will see either you fit to be in womenswear, kidswear, menswear or lingerie. 
  • Third is, I had the tailor project oral presentation before the final exam started. It's all about explaining the theme and the design of the tailor project that you made before. And from the 5 total looks, the jury would choose one of the 5 for you to realize it on the final exams. 
  • Fourth is, just like what I told you in the first paragraph, that I just passed the 2nd year of uni life, means that I already done the final exams. The final exams took about more than a month, it really took so long time, huh? The first week of the final exam, I had pattern drafting exam first. I had to make the tailor from the previous project with calico (just for volume checking) and on the last week of the final exam I had to make it with real fabrics. And I only had 4 days to make it for the first week, and only 3 days for the last week. For the second week I had fashion design exam, and the theme is up to us as long as it's for Spring/Summer 2013. Just like the last project, we had to design 2 kinds, womenswear and kids/mens/lingerie. I chose womens and kids, and the theme is all about "tea party" which there were lots of floral pattern, polkadots, pastel colors, and all the girly details (bow, ribbon, tulle, ruffle, etc). For the third week is that I had modulogy exams, it consists of textile technology, fashion history, life drawing, language, and fashion marketing. 
I really couldn't ask Allah SWT for more, for all those exhausted weeks that I have been through, and the fact that I passed the exam. 

And yes, since this post is updated already, I have starting my internship at Dian Pelangi. Have you heard about her? Just google it and you'll know, she's really famous though. I really enjoy working with her, she's really kind, nice, and humble. 

I think that's all I want to say, have a nice holiday and happy fasting for my moslem friends :)

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